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The United States was built from small businesses. There was a time when all we had were small, family companies created by ambition and dedication. As the United States grew, so did the businesses, resulting in a switch to large corporations. However, the drive that fueled small businesses never dissipated, and now, we are seeing the value of small businesses reemerge and people investing in these ventures 

Why Now is the Time for Small Businesses 

Now is the time for small businesses as resources, funding, and access are readily available to everyone. Here is why.

  • The availability of funding for minority-owned and women-owned small businesses is at an all-time high. Find a list of grants and government funding programs at sba.gov/funding-programs/grants and funding resources from the city of Atlanta at investatlanta.com.  
  • Larger corporations are now seeing the value in investing in and working with small businesses in technical, consulting, and creative fields. For example, there are programs like Engage in Atlanta that support innovation through a network of connections between startups, corporations, university research, and the venture community. To find more details, visit www.engage.vc/.
  • Small business incubators, such as Small Business Association, Ace Women’s Business Center,  support and promote small minority and women business owners.

Along with external support, online resources exist to host, grow, and maintain your business. 

  • Social media makes  it easy for small businesses to reach their audiences. Create accounts on relevant platforms and start engaging with your current and potential clients. 
  • Become a lifetime learner by accessing tutorials and certifications that will support your business’ growth.. YouYube can teach creatives anything from how to sew to how to manage your life.  On LinkedIn Learning, you can access over 16,000 courses, even from the convenience of your phone. 
  • Be on the lookout for platforms that can support your unique business.Bookshop and Alibris connect users to small booksellers. Clothing boutiques can utilize  sites like Shopify, Lyst.com,Farfetch, andSook.

Business opportunities are all around you. Once you have your idea, take advantage of these resources and make this the time for your small business.

Creating a Successful Business

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you or teach you something. So, what separates the success stories from those you don’t hear about? Commitment and dedication. If you want to make your small business thrive, you must be committed to learning the industry as well as developing or enhancing your trade. Success also demands an investment of  time and money into the business through training and  coaching, while also ensuring you have a team of experts (e.g. web, lawyer, accountant, strategist, assistant, etc.) working towards your growth.

If you need an expert strategic coach, look no further than A.P. Walker Consulting. Through coaching, education, accountability, strategy development, and implementation, we will partner up to generate opportunities that will take your business to the masses and beyond. 

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