As a creative, I understand the struggles creatives have with balancing their craft with the requirements of running a business.  I have navigated my way through launching and sustaining a few creative businesses, therefore, I understand the need to have a solid operational foundation, the ability to be creative and flexible and most importantly A PLAN! 

I have over 10 years of project management and brand development and strategic planning and hope to be able to give you the tools and resources in order to be successful in your journey. 

I am that no-nonsense friend who hates excuses, but will be one of your biggest advocates and partners when developing solutions.  Once you have committed to yourself and are ready to get serious with your business, I am ALL in!  Let’s get it done!  As a true accountability partner, I have the drive and motivation you will need to keep your traction and we will celebrate your accomplishments together.  

With roots starting in California traveling through New Orleans for college and settling in Atlanta, I am not a stranger to taking risks, engaging with new and interesting people and having an appreciation for adventure.

                                Things I love:

  • Sewing beautiful and unique quilts and other custom keepsakes
  • Watching movies with my husband
  • Dancing with my daughter
  • Traveling with my friends
  • Italian and Mexican food



I would love to chat with you about the vision for your business, the roadblocks you are facing and how I can help!