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I am so happy you are here!  I help creative entrepreneurs enhance operations, develop strategic plans to increase revenue all while flexing their creative muscles.  Through coaching, education, accountability, strategy development and implementation, we will partner up to generate opportunities that will take your business to the masses and beyond.  Have you been struggling with business operations, marketing or strategic planning?  Or have you just launched your creative business and need help staying consistent, brainstorming or even goal setting? Do you need help balancing a full time job, life and your creative passion?

This is the life that I am living and I can help you.

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Not your average coach! 

As a creative, I understand the struggles creatives have with balancing their craft with requirements of running a business.  I have navigated my way through launching and sustaining a few creative businesses, therefore, I understand the need to have a solid operational foundation, the ability to be creative and flexible and most importantly A PLAN! 

I have over 10 years of project management and brand development and strategic planning and hope to be able to give you the tools and resources in order to be successful in your journey. 

I am that no-nonsense friend who hates excuses, but will be one of your biggest advocates and partners when developing solutions.  Once you have committed to yourself and are ready to get serious with your business, I am ALL in! Let’s put in this work and get it done!

Let's Get to Work!

Are you ready to put in some serious work to gain clarity, work efficiently and develop a sustainability plan all while managing LIFE? Let me help!

Now is Your Time, Let’s Get to Work!

Now is Your Time, Let’s Get to Work!

The United States was built from small businesses. There was a time when all we had were small, family companies created by ambition and dedication....

Power of the Plan

Power of the Plan

I have a plan in my head...I know what I want to do...I know what I need to do...So why is it so important to have a plan? That all sounds good, but...

Why A.P. Walker Consulting?

Here at A.P. Walker Consulting my goal is to support creatives as they navigate the successes and set backs of entreprenuership.  My true passion is to support the YOU behind the business through education, encouragement, accountiblity and little tough love.  Let me show you how today!


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